is a main program that converts a detector image file to CBF format, a byte-offset variant of the CBFlib format. The program automatically recognizes most image formats currently in use, retrieves the basic dimensions of the image from its header, converts each pixel to a 32 bit integer, and efficiently stores the image as differences between successive pixels.
In addition, the optional keyword LIB= full_path_name_of_an_external_library allows reading of the image by specification of a user written dynamical linked routine.
2cbf is called by the XDS-Viewer to display images provided in a format different from CBF.

Example 1

echo 'FRAME.pck FRAME.cbf' | 2cbf

2cbf will read the string 'FRAME.pck FRAME.cbf' from the command line and try to convert the input file FRAME.pck to a CBF-type file named FRAME.cbf.

Example 2


This is a different way to do the same thing as in example 1. The first line invokes the program 2cbf which then waits for completion of an input line (second line in this example). The input line is interpreted as above.

Example 3

FRAME.h5 FRAME.cbf LIB=full_path_name_of_an_external_library

This uses the named external library routine for reading the image FRAME.h5.

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